About Us

Sena's Story

Created by riders, for riders.

Sena is a brand built of motorcycle riders and technology enthusiasts alike. Founded in 1998, Sena started as an industrial technology company, providing enterprise-level Bluetooth® networking products to customers across the globe. After long-standing success in developing these products, the Sena team started to think about other ways that their advanced technology could be utilized.

Sena’s founder and CEO, an avid motorcyclist, realized that his technology could bridge the gap for wireless rider-to-rider motorcycle communication, which was virtually impossible at the time. Sena set out on a new mission to provide a solution for motorcyclists to communicate with one another safely and efficiently.

Using proven Bluetooth technology, Sena launched their first motorcycle Bluetooth communicator, the SMH10, in 2010. The SMH10 was just the beginning of a passion-driven product line that has provided innovative communication solutions to enthusiasts in the motorcycle and powersports space for over a decade. As innovation expanded, Sena’s product offerings began to cater to the cycling, outdoor, and industrial markets. Sena has expanded upon its original Bluetooth communication platform with a proprietary Mesh Intercom™ platform that allows even more riders to connect with the single touch of a button.

As a result of producing technically advanced products for enthusiasts, Sena has become the communication supplier of choice for the industry’s leading motorcycle and helmet OEMs. Leveraging their long-standing design and development expertise, Sena has partnered with many other manufacturers to bring Mesh and Bluetooth communication to a variety of brands and retailers. Sena’s products are offered worldwide through its global network of distributors, retailers, and OEM partners.

At Sena our goal is to produce products fit for the adventures that our customers dream about. Sharing a laugh with fellow riders and being able to safely warn them about dangers on the road, listening to your favorite tunes, and conveniently hearing turn-by-turn directions straight through your helmet is the ideal way to ride – and we want to share that with every rider out there. #RideConnected


Motohaus Powersports Limited's Story

Official Sena Supplier to the United Kingdom, since 2016.

Motohaus Powersports, the UK distributor and supplier of premium motorcycle brands including, SENA communications, Keis heated clothing, SW-Motech accessories, Bruhl dryers, ComfortAir seat cushions, and Ventura luggage – was established in 1997.

Founded by David Gath, who opened his first motorcycle spares store in 1978, while still in his teens, Motohaus began by importing Clymer manuals from the USA.

Quickly establishing a reputation for effective marketing backed up with reliable service, soon brands like Ventura luggage from New Zealand, Acumen and OptiMate were added to the Motohaus range.

In 2009 Motohaus helped to launch a new brand of motorcycle heated clothing – Keis Apparel – and the following year was named MCN Wholesaler of the Year. Since then Keis has grown into the UK's number one brand of heated clothing and is being exported across Europe. In 2016 Motohaus was appointed as an official partner for SENA communications to the UK.