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10R Helmet Intercom - Bluetooth

10R Helmet Intercom - Bluetooth

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Keep the conversation going, share a playlist with up to four riding companions, or patch in a phone call that everyone can jump in on. The Bluetooth® 4.1 equipped 10R does it all with HD sound quality and intercom over distances of up to 900 meters (0.5 miles). Motorcycle Bluetooth communication has never been so easy.

  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Intercom Range 900 m
  • 4-Way Intercom
  • HD Voice
  • Audio Multitasking™
  • Advanced Noise Control™

    The low-profile 10R Bluetooth motorcycle communication system lets riders make hands-free phone calls, listen to music, get GPS directions, and have full-duplex intercom conversations with other riders in crystal-clear audio quality through the stereo Bluetooth® headset.


    The 10R includes Audio Multitasking™, which allows you to listen to two audio sources at once. You can have conversations through the intercom while streaming music, listen to GPS instructions at the same time, and more.


Customize a variety of settings on your Sena device with the Sena Motorcycles App. Configure channel settings for Open Mesh or set a private group for Group Mesh. Explore all-new soundscapes with the EQ presets and give the audio a boost. Connect your Sena headset to your phone in the Bluetooth settings menu and get the most out of your adventures.

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  • Bluetooth 4.1

    The benefits of Bluetooth 4.1 with the addition of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for connecting to Sena's smartphone apps.

  • Intercom Range 900 m

    Maximum distance operating within optimal conditions.

  • 4-Way Intercom

    Connect up to 4 headsets together for a group intercom conversation.

  • HD Voice

    Receive clearer, richer sounding phone call audio with little background noise.

  • Audio Multitasking™

    Audio Multitasking™ enables you to have an intercom conversation while listening to music, the FM radio, or smartphone GPS directions.

  • Advanced Noise Control™

    Advanced Noise Control™ reduces the effects of ambient noise during intercom conversations.

  • Music Sharing

    Share your music with one other rider during intercom conversations.

  • Light Weight and Ultra Slim

    Slim and low profile when attached to a helmet.

  • Remote Control Compatible

    Control the headset with a Sena remote control accessory.


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Intercom Technology

Bluetooth 4.1
Headset Profile (HSP)
Hands-Free Profile (HFP)
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)

Intercom Parameters

Working Distance: up to 900 m (980 yds) in open terrain
Supports: up to 4 riders

Audio Specs

Noise Cancellation: Advanced Noise Control™
Codec: Built-in SBC Codec
HD Voice enabled for high-quality phone call audio

Battery Specs

Talk Time: up to 10 hours
Charging Time: 3 hours
Charging Temperature: 0 °C – 45 °C (32 °F – 113 °F)
Type: Lithium Polymer Battery

Product Specs

- Main Module: 70.7 mm x 36.6 mm x 13.7 mm (2.8 in x 1.4 in x 0.5 in)
- Speaker Driver Unit: 40 mm—thickness 6.5 mm

- Main Module: 22 g (0.78 oz)

Operating Temperature: -10 °C – 55 °C (14 °F – 131 °F)